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Wheel Park open!

by susanjefferies on 7 July, 2018

              Corfe Mullen’s newly renovated Wheel Park is open! Completed in record time ready for the holidays, the new Wheelpark was funded by the Parish Council (50%) with the addition of Heathland Mitigation Funding (50%). It is welcome addition to our play facilities up at the Rec in Corfe […]

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Replacing the Skatepark at the Rec

by susanjefferies on 20 January, 2018

Corfe Mullen Parish Council are well on the way to replacing the old skatepark at the Rec with a brand new Wheelpark!  The contractor has been chosen, the draft plans unveiled and the funding is in place.  On Wednesday they invited comments.

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How the Tories think they are saving Dorset!!

by susanjefferies on 18 February, 2017

Well the Tories Budget, and plans for the Council Tax went through not unchallenged, but unchanged. Challenged by us but whipped through the Council. No reprieve on Bus subsidies, they said this move would improve life in the villages and help the economy of Dorset as a whole. Giving an example of a Mrs Bloggs […]

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Safe Drive, Stay Alive

by susanjefferies on 18 November, 2015

Today I attended the Safe Drive, Stay Alive presentation at Corfe Hills School. a presentation to Year 12 who are about to get their provisional licenses and learn to drive. A very powerful and thought provoking presentation, it showed several scenarios where a relatively minor distraction had caused a fatal accident and the consequences of […]

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Youth Services review

by susanjefferies on 18 November, 2015

The next phase of the Youth Services review started yesterday, November 17th, the public consultation phase. This will continue until December 16th. Of five proposals four have been rejected and the one proposal put forward is for DCC to withdraw financial support from all Youth Clubs. Youth Workers will remain, in teams based in schools. […]

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Councillor Dog Zac

by susanjefferies on 10 November, 2015

Councillor dog Zac is working in Dorset no longer. He has retired to inspect new footpaths, and pubs, for St Peter, have lots of fun Zac !!

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Fire Authority Combination with Wiltshire

by susanjefferies on 23 October, 2015

A really good meeting today.  The Combination with Wiltshire is going very well, all on track and in line. Control combined in August, quite seamless, and all else on track.

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Please Support our Youth Clubs

by susanjefferies on 28 September, 2015

Please support our Youth Clubs.  The County Council is planning to save £5m from the Children’s Services bill, and is planning to reduce the Budget for Youth Services by a whopping 45%, from £2.2m to £1.2m within 12 months. Please support Corfe Mullen’s super Youth club by taking part in the survey at This […]

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Make Rushall Lane safer

by susanjefferies on 6 September, 2014

We all know Rushall Lane as a lovely rural lane with beautiful trees alongside. It is extensively used by Horse riders including beginners, a Riding School, dog walkers, cyclists and pedestrians.   It is also used by vehicular traffic some of which travels very fast and can be dangerous for the other users. The road is […]

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Success from the Ombudsman

by susanjefferies on 20 October, 2013

A family in Corfe Mullen were very concerned that their child had not been admitted to the school of their first choice, where all their friends were going to be. Dorset County Council Admissions insisted that the Admissions procedure had been followed correctly, whereas the family were sure that errors had been made. Unable to […]

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